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I had every intention on writing this blog the day after the event however now I am currently without a laptop trying to write it on my phone wasn't working, and with being really busy up until now with work, riding, competing etc it has led me to here, 5 days after the event!

But here goes...

On Wednesday 8th November I travelled down to the NEC in Birmingham with my friend Louise to attend the Farm Business Show 2017. The Farm Business Show is an event set up for farmers and rural business owners to come together to Network and gain ideas on how to diversify their businesses. With over 300 of the UK's top exhibiting companies, 150 seminar sessions and rural business specialist myself and Louise thought it would be a great event to attend in order to do some networking and broaden our knowledge in the rural industry.

We were especially interested in the social media panel that was in the afternoon. Hosting the panel was Edwina Mullins from SocialB. Taking part in the panel were Tara Punter from Tara Punter PR, Kate Middleton from Rural Entrepreneur Live and Alison Teare from Social Jungle.

I took a lot of information and tips away from this panel and I thought I would share them in this blog!

The panel started off with the fact that there are 42 million adults on social media! The average age of users on Facebook is 35. This is because the younger audience isn’t on Facebook they are on Instagram. This explained the reason why Facebook bought Instagram, to plug the audience age gap!

Facebook is becoming more of a search engine, when you are wanting to find a business that you know the name of do you go to google or do you go to Facebook? I personally always go to Facebook and if I can't find it from their there will go to google! And chances are if you do google a business their social media page will come up before their website. This is due to the fact that a business's social media is generally better optimised than their website.

This can be explained by Search Engine Optimisation – SEO works from consistency, good content and key words which are usually repeated the most in a business's social media.

Many people do not realise that the About section and Bios on Facebook is optimisation rich, and that giving yourself a good bio will get you performing better on google searches!

Question: How do I get my posts noticed?

Good Imagery is Key!

If you are struggling for your own images don’t just take them off the internet as there can be copyright issues! The panel mentioned some apps that can be used to gain royalty free images like pfrd and unsplash.

Below are a list of image editors that can be used to create your images for your content:

Canva, Picmonkey, Adobe spark, Adobe spark post, Adobe spark video

Question: How can hashtags be used on SM?

Instagram now allows 30 hashtags to be used. Hashtags are an important with social media as a study by simply measured showed that posts with at least one hashtag average 12.6 percent more engagement than those without.

If you are linking your Instagram post onto your Facebook then post to Instagram without hashtags and then post your hashtags into the comments, this way your Facebook post won't show the hashtags.

Tara's tip for hashtags is to save your hashtags in the notes section of your phone, then you can copy and paste the hashtags that you use into your posts.

Question : I am trying to build a Facebook following, should I be using paid campaigns?

Previously Facebook would have given the best organic reach however this has changed due to the fact that there is now not enough room on the news feed page due to the amount of users and now that Facebook are trying to please you as a person by showing you adverts of what you have recently been searching for/shopping for. You may not have previously noticed this but if you have a look at the adverts that are showing up on your news feed these will generally be something you have googles recently!

Facebook are thinking of moving business pages into the explorer tab. The only way this will benefit business if they pay! Alison gave the advice that you should work out how to use Facebook paid adverts in the correct way. As although paid adverts can work in your favour, adverts can irritate people if your are boosting the wrong posts and can do the opposite to what you intend. In Alison's words Facebook is becoming "PAY TO PLAY!"

Question : Paid Ads – What is the best order to increase audience?

Tara replied that boosting posts is your nursery slope and will give you an idea of what this can do and is the cheapest option.

Facebook ad manager is a really helpful tool to see how your posts are performing. I have recently started using Ad Manager on Facebook desktop, it takes a while to get used to but I can already tell it is going to be really useful!

Be careful with what you post, boost something that has done well already from organic reach and has organic likes/comments. Another tip is that when boosting posts it is best that you boost multiple posts with specific demographics and specific locations/ ages to target, rather than one broad one, this way each post reaches the correct audience.

Tara stated - don’t bother posting without an image! Images or videos (kept under a minute) draw in your audience.

Question : Is it better to stick to a website or create an App for your business?

Alison answered that with Apps you need to think about who’s is going to be using it, what for and why are they going to be doing this on their mobile? Get all of this information clear before you start thinking about creating an App as they can be expensive. The key is to think about the experience of the customer. When people create apps they generally don’t think about the size of the App and how much storage it will take up on a phone. If an App is taking up a lot of space on a users phone, they won't use it.

Question : When is it best to post on SM?

Tara answered that there is no set rules when it comes to SM. Think about who your target audience is and when they are going to be looking at their phone. Look back over the stats of your previous posts and see when your posts have performed best. If your post perform best in the evening then this is when you should post your best content, however do not neglect posting in the morning and during lunch.


Use an app to help schedule your posts!

Buffer, Hootsuite or Planorly can be really helpful when it comes to scheduling in advanced. I personally use Hootsuite to schedule my posts. It is a lot easier to schedule a week in advanced, as much as you intent to post multiple times daily sometimes life just gets in the way!

People sometimes make the mistake of linking up their posts to each of their SM platforms at the same time however this can just look lazy! Post different content to each SM platform as the audiences of each is also different.

Alison gave the advice of Don’t be on every social media platform if they are not going to be done well! Stick to the one that you know the best and then you can branch out when you are confident. If your business is image driven or with products then Instagram is best, or if you offer a service then Facebook will be best.

An example of how posting at the correct times can work is Thompson Holidays – Thompsons did some research and most of their customers were searching for holidays and where they would like to go whilst they were on their lunch at work but not booking the holiday until they are at home on the desktop with their partner. Thompsons used this information and they posted holiday inspiration during lunch time and all of their call to actions and offers in the evening! This just show how much social media done well can help a business of any scale!

Tips for 2018

Videos – Use videos I your social media! Clients are much more attracted to posts with videos than pictures!

Data protection laws are changing at the end of May, so if you have a business where you store your clients personal information then it is worth having a look at this link -

GDPR if you are holding personal data

Stories like on Snapchat and Instagram are coming to Facebook Business - This is going to be a great tool for humanising your business!

Go Live! - Not many of us are fans of going Live, however clients love to be able to see what you are doing and it is also great for organic reach.

Start creating content that everyone wants to see!

I hope that you have got some helpful tip out of this blog that you can use as I know I certainly did! Feel free to comment on what you are taking away from this blog!

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