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Rider Psychology 

Many think that performance coaching is only for the elite and professional riders. However any rider at any level can benefit from understanding rider psychology.

We all  know what it can feel like to feel nerves or anxiousness but it is learning to deal with these feelings that make the difference when wanting to perform at your best. This is why i set up as Sweeney Equestrian. 


Out of the Saddle learning

I believe that learning out of the saddle can be just as important as learning while in the saddle. Just by getting to grips with a few techniques out of my mindset toolkit, it will help you improve your confidence and ability to focus which can have the most amazing impact on your future performance and results. One to one sessions can be face to face or via video call making it easier to fit into the ever busy equestrian life!


Abbey Sweeney

Performance Coach based in the North West.

I am passionate about coaching riders to be the best rider they can be.

Certification in Equine Competition Psychology.

Certified in Sports Psychology.

BHS Stage 2 in Complete Horsemanship.

Centre 10 APEC Advanced Coach.

Specialising in helping grassroots riders achieve their goals. 

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